Edward Guzmán Barceló

Edward Guzmán Barceló

Edward Guzmán Barceló | AROCA VIVES Lawyers Edward Guzmán Barceló is an associate at Aroca Vives Abogados. Edward is a lawyer at Universidad del Norte and a candidate for Public Accountant at the university.

Currently, Edward works in the area of litigation, structuring consultancy in pre-legal, procedural viability concepts and judicial processes. Likewise, he assists in the advising of constitution procedures, discussion and extension of obligations and rights of the clients, and in the fiscal and governmental reports.

Edward was a member of the VII Generation of Research in Legal Sciences of the Universidad del Norte and of the Unidad Investigativa Contable del Atlántico jointly with to the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Universidad del Atlántico.

Prior to joining Aroca Vives Abogados Edward served as assistant legal and accounting consulting, commercial and administrative litigation in business organizations articulating his education with the participation in research groups.

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